Monday, September 08, 2014

First position

Today Juliet started ballet. While she spent the entire summer in a little gymnastics class, today felt different.

She had to wear pink. She had to have little tiny (tiny!) leather ballet shoes. She wore her hair in a bun and spun around the room with 14 other little tiny girls with their hair in buns.

The floor was polished, the teacher elegant and the classical music streamed out of the door any time that is was opened.

Juliet is the youngest in the class by six months because this is a three to five year old class.  I may have forgotten her birthdate when signing her up, knowing how much she would love it.

She was fine. Totally happy and content. Listening to directions and telling me the class rules when it was done. She told me she loves ballet and wants to go tomorrow.

Seeing her in there, while I sat on the other side of the glass and smiled like an idiot, well, it was pretty great.

Ballet Mondays, you are perfect.

She stuck close to the teacher and followed all instructions.
Such sweet little girls!
See her there? Fifth from the back. Even though she may be the youngest (many in her class were four years old) you'd never know. She's tall and smart.

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  1. Connie6:00 PM

    So good to have another "bun head" in the family! I wasn't this young, but the look is the same. Completely adorable! I am so happy for her!


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