Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Goodbye summer, welcome autumn {weekend at the farmhouse}

The end of summer may be one of my favorite times of year. I adore autumn knocking on our door and we still get a handful of hot days to enjoy the last of what summer has to offer.

We decided to meet E's family down at the farmhouse to enjoy the AMAZING weather. Cool mornings and evenings and perfectly warm (but not hot) afternoons.
As soon as we arrived Juliet found the new antique rocker that Damma had gotten for the grandchildren. Juliet loves small chairs and Damma knew Juliet, in particular, would love this present. And she did. Doesn't she remind you of an old lady? Her little bun, her bird watching binoculars, relaxing on the porch in her rocker?
Three little cousins in a row. They were all loving digging in the soft dirt under the cedar.
Can we discuss what a beauty this little girl is?
Juliet was giving tons of "nice touches" and even some hugs and kisses. She's told me a half a dozen times since seeing Emilia "I love my sweet cousin so much!"
The sunflowers in bloom always signify the end of summer to me, so when I saw some growing on the side of the road I decided to make a flower crown. As I was fashioning it, Juliet commented on some ants, then "so many ants!" I looked down to realize she was standing on top of an ant hill and was COVERED in ants. They were in her hair and inside her dress. I felt so guilty and immediately took her dress off and swept all the ants off of her. Luckily she didn't get a single bite. I didn't want to put her dress back on until I was sure it was ant free, but the photos with her crown and without a shirt came out to be some of my favorites.
Soon we walked to a little steam train down the road. This is an actual tiny steam train that takes you on little rides, for free. It is so fun that it is within walking distance of the farmhouse.

It was a fantastic miniature steam engine.
Looking west, from the farmhouse lawn is one of my favorite views. Rural Utah at it's best. 
We spent the night, but Emilia and her family (as well as my in-laws) packed up and headed home for the night. The kids adore the big farmhouse tub, and next time we'll have to get all three of them in. We laughed, wondering how many cousins could fit in the gigantic tub. So darling to imagine.

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