Friday, September 05, 2014

Pre-K starts!

Preschool has started. After a wonderful summer off, school is back in session.

This year is so different than last year. Last year James was extremely nervous about leaving my side. He cried for the first week and was anxious for the first two months. This year he knew what to expect. Same school, same friends, same teachers.

He left my side genuinely excited and greeted the teachers with is trademark huge smile (again and again the teachers tell me that he always has a smile on his face).

It was a good day.

The only problem? Juliet is beyond ready to go to preschool. She cried and cried that she wanted to go with him, and does not want to wait an entire year for it to be her turn. Hopefully ballet starting next week will take some of the pressure off. I swear, she's been ready to leave my side since turning two. Wild how that works.

And next year? This man will be in kindergarten. I can hardly believe it.

Look how much he's grown in a year. His face has slimed out and he's grown about 12" more of legs!

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