Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Juliet says, James says

Juliet, age 3:

  • I was reversing the car the other day and it was kind of a tight fit. Juliet says "these aren't bumper cars," which made me laugh so hard. 
  • "Daddy's take care of babies from sharks. So they don't get eat."
  • While playing with her dolls "this is mommy taking care of her little girls."
  • While waiting for James: "I need my sweet brother right now. I'm waiting for him and waiting for him."
  • After hearing Ethan fart "what's that sound coming from your private parts?"
  • James: "I like building blocks with you." Juliet: "I love you too."
  • After giving daddy a huge hug "now your heart is love"

On the day we put our kitty Rumpus down:
Juliet said "Where is Rumpy?"
Me: "He's at the kitty doctor."
Her: "Why?"
Me: "Because we took him there to give him a special shot. The special shot made him dead."
Her: "What's dead?"
Me: "It means not alive anymore."
Her: "Why? I want Rumpy at our house. Not dead."
Of course this isn't a funny conversation in the slightest, but it was so tender, and innocent I wanted to remember it.

James, age 5:

  • After a fresh blow dry: "I like your hair. It looks really beautiful. Really really beautiful. It's like you're a different mommy but you're not. It looks really good!"
  • "My breath can't hold my thirsty all the way to morning."
  • "I'm going go have a house with five rooms so I can have five kids! Wait... maybe not."
  • "I know what rhymes! Crocs and granola rhyme."
  • Talking about foods he likes "I like quesadillas, berries, mac & cheese…" Juliet: "you like bears?" James: "No, I don't like bears. But I like cooked bears. I really like cooked bears!"
  • Listening to It's a Wonderful World, "I like that song so much it makes me have a tear."
  • And another day with the same song: "I'm pretending I have a little boy in my body and he's going to cry because he loves the song so much. And now I might cry because I love the song so much."
  • "This is my best day ever!"
  • While eating dinner "I'm really enjoying this!"

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