Sunday, March 08, 2015

Farmhouse with family

Yesterday we took a day trip to the farmhouse. It was almost perfect, other than the fact that Juliet got sick to her stomach late in the day and ended up throwing up. And then she was fine, or so it seemed. We even went out to dinner on the way home with E's family. The luck didn't last however, Juliet threw up again right before we pulled into the drive way.

But I shouldn't put a damper on it, the day was very nearly perfect.
The weather was easily warm enough for no coats. We relaxed in the sun on the quilt under the blue blue sky, watching these little cousins play
They scooped the remaining snow, some dirt and mud into the bucket, making a "potion/lotion/motion."
We intentionally dressed the girls in the same dress, and they looked like cherubs playing on the soon to be green grass.
Emilia will be two next month and is getting more and more playful with my kids. They both absolutely adore her.
We took a couple of long walks, played and played in the sunshine, got out the bikes, played crayons, and teased grandparents. Pretty much perfect from beginning to end.
These two took turns roaring at each other on the old feather bed. Seeing them grow up, side by side, changing by the day, playing at the farmhouse which never changes, is the perfect juxtaposition of all things good and happy. Welcome farmhouse season, we will see you again soon!

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  1. Connie7:28 PM

    Might that be a feather bed?


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