Saturday, March 28, 2015

Hangin' with my Dad

It is a rare treat to hang out with my dad. Although he only lives fifteen minutes from me, he works long days and has busy weekends (like we all do!).

So when he mentioned that he wanted to go to Red Butte Garden with he kids on a weekday I was thrilled. A Friday morning with my Dad in the garden? Yes please.

The weather was PERFECTION. Low 60s and sunny, and the daffodils were even better than last week, if possible.

We talked about the Easter bunny, waterfalls, our upcoming Hawaii trip (!!!!) and summertime. All the best topics for sure. Thank you Dad for joining us. We all had such a fun time.
Gah! These two! So full of smiles. They were seriously on their best behavior. Yippee!
This is how I imagine all forests looking, a secret path leading through the trees and the forest floor carpeted in flowers.
Thank you kind stranger for offering to take our pic.
They hyacinth smelled amazing.
Happy happy spring.

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  1. One day I'd love to visit Red Butte Gardens. It looks amazing. Juliet looks just like you in the last photo. Great shots as ever Jessica.


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