Sunday, March 22, 2015

Daffodils in the garden

The passage of time is so easy to see when you line up a big stack of photos. Every year we head to Red Butte Garden to take a photo with the daffodils. This year after a very mild winter and an extremely warm spring, we were able to see the daffodils close to a month early.

Every year that passes is bittersweet. Kids grow and time speeds up. Next fall James starts kindergarten and Juliet starts preschool. Already my babies have passed toddlerhood and are looking and acting more like big kids every day. 

Last year, 2014. James four and Juliet two. 
2013, James three and Juliet one.
2012, James two, Juliet two months. 
2011, James one, me just newly pregnant.
2010, James four months. 
2009, pregnant for the first time and so excited for our life to change forever! 
It's wild to see them lined up like that, right?! Anyway, look how darling (and little!) my kids were just one year ago.
This year we had the warmest weather ever for daffodils. All of us were wishing we were in shorts! Seriously so bizarre.
Dressed in yellow of course!
Seeing butterflies out this early is kind of disconcerting.
James loved this magnolia blossom. He kept saying "it smells like hot dogs!"
This photo looks so overly saturated. Didn't adjust levels or saturation at all. 
Sit a girl in a field of flowers and ask for a smile. Nothing better in the world.
Lots of trees in bloom, which are one of the things that makes me so happy.

My sweetest boy. Getting so big so fast. Starting to read, write, and add. Goodness he's amazing.

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  1. I love that you do this! Beautiful, happy pictures!


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