Thursday, March 19, 2015

Rainbow St. Patrick's Day Party

On St. Patrick's Day I hosted our third annual Rainbow/St. Patty's Day party. It is an event all little ones look forward to all year long. It is really the highlight of the entire year.

I'm joking of course, but the kids that we invite year after year really do get a kick out of the annual scavenger hunt for treats and annual rainbow craft made with delicious and nutritious Fruit Loops. ;)

These kids are my kids' best best friends. And while my kid's get to choose the guest list for their own birthday parties, I get to choose the guest list for the Rainbow party, making sure everyone gets an invite and all my favorite Mama friends are there.

I love looking back on these parties, because, as I said, same guest list, and the kids have grown SO MUCH.
Sixteen kids in attendance. I've seen each one grow up before my eyes.

This group of moms are the ones I spend the most time with during the work week when E is gone ten hours a day. They are my rock. My best friends. And my kids' playmates. And nobody can be sad when you've got sun, a backyard full of dirt and water, and lots of sugar.

Happy St. Patrick's Day.

The kids are so good at the scavenger hunt and have all ten clues figured out within minutes.
 Rainbow crafts,
 Rainbow games,
And everyone dressed in green.
 Seriously, I've known most of these ladies since their five year olds were babies.
Mostly boys, but we do like girls too. Gotta increase our girl ratio.
The best part of the party, without a doubt, was filling a garbage can with sand and dirt and adding more and more water until everyone was covered in mud. A quick hose-down of eight kids at the end of the afternoon was the perfect way to bid everyone farewell; because all other moms really want wet, dirty, cold kids as long as they are happy, and oh were they happy. 
Our party last year, and the year before that.

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