Friday, November 28, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving {part I)

We celebrated our first Thanksgiving of the weekend last night in Midway (we celebrate with my family on Sunday!).

Chelsea and Joe hosted for the second time, and driving up to Midway is such a lovely way to spend the holiday. Something about the long drive, the warm car, and Christmas music softly playing makes the snow topped mountains and forgotten barns feel so wonderful. Lots of time to think about what we are thankful for.
I asked the kids what they are thankful for, telling them that it is a good thing to think about often, not just on Thanksgiving.

They gave me the sweetest answers that I've ever heard. Neither of them were prompted at all.

James said "I am thankful for giving you hugs and kisses." Juliet, hearing what James had said, said "I am thankful for snuggling you." Wonderful things, as I agree, the best things to be thankful for are not things we can buy.

We stopped in downtown Heber on the way to Miday for some photos in front of the historic Town Hall. Juliet's amazing dress and sweater where gifted to me from Feltman Brothers. Both are so darling and oh so classic.
Some of the men.
Some of the women. 
All of the cousins.
Thanksgiving kids tables crack me up. They sat there eating quite well for some time.
Dinner. E's on his phone (busted!), the newlyweds are hugging and kissing (which was the entire dinner) and Grandma is looking towards the hosts.
Chelsea and Joe put on a spectacular feast.
We played and ate and laughed and ate some more. By the end of the evening everyone was wiped out. Best way to spend Thanksgiving for sure.
Dressing both kids for the holidays are one of my favorite things. James is wearing a Gymboree sweater and Gymboree herringbone pants (both from last year). Juliet is wearing the Feltman pintuck dress and this cardigan with pearl embroidery. Tights from Gymboree and shoes from Target.

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