Sunday, November 23, 2014

James's fifth birthday party!

Sound the Octo-alert! James is (almost) FIVE!

When James turned one we had a big party with all of our family and one friend (his best buddy Owen that lives across the street). When he turned two we had a small family party at home. When he turned three we had a huge friend party in the backyard a month early, so we could enjoy the mild temperatures.

Last year when he turned four we did nothing. Not a party, not a thing. And to make it worse? He had the stomach flu on his birthday. What is worse that barfing and feeling so yucky you don't even want to open presents? It was so sad.

So this year I wanted something special. I wanted him to choose every last detail. (Juliet's posing kills me!!)
About two months ago he decided he wanted a party at Cottonwood Heights Recreation in the indoor pool. There is a perfect little party room and a huge toddler pool with a slide, water features, and everything a water boy could want.
James wanted an Octonauts themed party (which was perfect for a pool party!), he wanted cupcakes and mint ice cream ("the kind with the crumbs inside"), he wanted his sister, his cousin, his grandparents, and his best buddy Owen. After asking him a few times to invite some more friends (he has SO MANY cute friends!) he finally agreed to expand the guest list a tiny bit, and invite another friend he's had since he was a baby, Calin.

Ocean themed cupcakes with the Octonauts figures as a surprise!
The party room was perfect for pizza and drinks and wild kids.
The pool itself was of course the biggest draw.
I think James was most excited to swim with Emilia. They are the best of friends.
Indoor pool parties have the wonkiest lighting, fyi. Hard for good photos!
Calin is still as cute as he was as a tiny (tiny!) babe.

Makin' a wish!
Kids love cupcakes.
Emilia was cracking everyone up with how much she enjoyed hers.
Blue mustaches for all.
Opening gifts. Love these reactions.
Happy happy birthday to the sweetest, smartest, most amazing kiddo I know.


  1. Awwww, 5(ish) already?!?
    He'll always be your sweet Baby November. Times flies and the older we get the faster it goes.

  2. We had so much fun!

  3. Seems like a fun party! The kiddos are looking very excited. Hey dear, have you ever hosted party at the best birthday restaurants NYC? It is a wonderful place to host themed parties. They provide really great services at affordable prices. Just try once!

  4. Wow, this looks so much fun! A friend from work had a similar party for his kid in one of really fancy Los Angeles event venues and they had designed the whole thing for kids. There were cartoon floating around, people dressed as cartoon characters, the cake had Stevens face on it from the Stevens universe. Even I had fun at that party!


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