Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Birthday week begins with a bike!

Late November is a tricky time to have a birthday, especially if you are hoping for a bike. For bike riding you need dry roads and temperatures that don't freeze you the moment you start to ride. So, because we wanted James to enjoy his present a bit before cold strong winter set in, we spoiled him with a present a week earlier than his actual birth date.

Sunday morning started with a very happy kiddo excited to try out his first petal bike. James became a master of his balance bike earlier this summer and we knew he was ready for a petal bike when he just wanted to go faster than the balance bike allows.

I was worried he wouldn't get it right away. I was worried he'd crash and cry and give up trying before he understood how to really petal. I wanted him to graduate to training wheels in hopes that he would get good at pedaling first.
E was intent on just trying without training wheels, since he already understood balancing.

Much to my happy surprise, fifteen minutes into his lesson we had this:
Getting started has been the trickiest part for James, but even that he's mastered since Sunday. He hasn't fallen a single time, and adores his new bike. I couldn't be more impressed.
Keep in mind, this is the first day he's ever ridden a petal bike! Pro!
This little love has also gained some skills in biking. Within the last two weeks she's started to understand how to glide, balance and ride her balance bike. This is huge, since before then she never cared for the bike at all. (Side none: the mild November weather we were having is GONE. It is freezing cold with daytime highs only in the 20s!)
Side side note: She's still not napping. Oh it is fun.

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  1. How exciting! I'm so impressed! Boo cold weather!


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