Monday, November 10, 2014

Last warm days before winter in the garden

Warm days in November are a gift; not required but welcome with open arms. And when it's warm enough to go without coats in November is reason to celebrate. Before we know it there will be cold gray days, full of wind and rain. Soon after there will be snow, because by mid November winter is knocking on our door.

So when we had a warm weekend we celebrated. We spent every single moment outside. The rain and snow is coming, but for that moment we had sun.
We of course went to Red Butte Garden. As our kids get bigger they like it more, if possible. If we ever ask "what should we do today?" almost always we hear "Red Butte Garden!"
We take a walk, look for animals (eeep! We spotted the "Easter Bunny!"), and just enjoy our time outdoors. We even packed a picnic lunch on Saturday, because why hurry home for nap time when nobody naps?
We watched this little cottontail for a long time. He was shy, but didn't hop away when my kids excitedly followed him through the garden.
Seeing their faces watching the bunny was even more cute than the bunny itself, if that's possible.
November garden trips are all about crunchy leaves, the last of the colored leaves and soaking up every last ray of sunshine.
Not napping but doing way way better than the last three weeks. Let's hope we are over the hump with this firecracker.
I've taken lots of these photos, with E and his two kids on this same bench. Gotta line them up one of these days for a Then & Now post.

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