Monday, November 03, 2014

Struggles with Juliet

I am struggling with Juliet. She is hard. She's been a much much harder two year old than James ever was (James was a difficult three year old).

About a month ago Juliet decided she was too old for napping. This was partially do to taking her binky away, so probably my fault. Once she stopped napping she started tearing apart her room during quiet time. Peeling the stickers off her wall (all the mushroom stickers behind her door were removed), climbing onto the dresser and emptying the drawers, and banging the walls with her feet for the entire hour that was supposed to be nap time/quite time.

Plus she's been punching, hitting and throwing toys.

Now all these things are quite normal for this age. But she NEEDS to nap. Like she's a mess without them. Every day feels like a new struggle and the time change only makes it worse. Today she woke up for the day (a day with no naps, mind you) at five am.

She was a pain at ballet. She was mean spirited for a visit with my grandma. She is trying every last bit of patience I have. And the weeks E is gone for the entire week (there have been quite a few of them) and it's just me, well I get tired and grumpy too.

Let's hope this phase is a short one. She's being so mean/fussy/tired/cranky that I'm over it. Blah.

Above: Dressed her in a new dress and took her to Gardner Village for a special Mommy/Juliet date while James was in school. She threw a huge fit that I only gave her one piece of candy from the candy store and it was so bad, and so long that I finally just had to take her home. I hate days like that.

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  1. Connie11:12 PM

    Poor sweet girl! Poor tired Mommy! These days will pass. It just feels like forever. Let me know if I can help.


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