Friday, October 31, 2014

Peso Penguin and Mr. Robot {happy Halloween!}

This Halloween was momentous in a way because it was the first year the kids got complete control over what they wanted to be for Halloween. While last year was fun when I choose Little Red Ridding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf, I knew it was a matter of time before the kids would really want to pick their own. 

This year they both had strong opinions in what they wanted to be. Both kiddos fell in love with the Disney show The Octonauts while on vacation this summer, so much so, that we purchased a few episodes since returning home. James has decided he'd like his 5th birthday party Octonauts themed, and Juliet was thrilled to choose Peso Penguin from the show as her costume of choice. 

This is what I had to work with:
She was one happy penguin come Halloween.
James chose a robot months ago because he wanted "grabbing hands." He was so excited about the grabbing hands he hardly thought about the rest of the costume at all. Luckily a silver painted piece of cardboard with a couple dials, a couple gears and a couple circuit boards did the trick. There were even two rows of LED lights that really lit up!
We paired it with a homemade headband, some grabbing hands, and some star knee patch leggings.
These two were excited! These ages are so fun, they totally get holidays and the excitement was tangible.
Lots of sweet "trick-or-treats" and "happy Halloweens!"

Neither one was afraid to knock.
Huge orange pumpkins and lots of fallen leaves make perfect backdrops. And notice James had a little back panel as part of his costume too.
We had such mild weather that nobody was in coats!
Lollipops were opened the moment they were received. Just like last year.
And we were treated to a an incredible sunset!
One of the best this autumn!
He was almost always a house ahead of his sister, but it was fun to trick-or-treat as a family.
Lots of crows in the darkening sky.
James's costume was cool in daylight but AWESOME come nightfall. Every single person we passed commented on it and said it was the best costume they'd seen. Notice we even added a glow stick below the large dial. It was so fun!
Lots of our neighbors go all out. This particular neighbor had a smoke machine, a black light, three real flickering candles and a live ghoul. So fun!
Once home we inspected their prize.
Lots and lots of sugar. Two very happy kiddos.

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