Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Halloween {trick-or-treat!}

First off, thank you for all the nice comments, texts, hugs and love regarding Juliet's fall. We are getting better. Things are normal and that is the best news in the world.

I wanted to quickly add a few photos from trick-or-treating. Halloween is such a kid holiday, in the fact that everything about costumes and trick-or-treating is geared to make kids happy.

This year we headed out the door as a family, but soon James caught up with his best buddy and before long they were running from house to house. Juliet couldn't keep up, and I didn't want her to only be told "hurry hurry hurry!" all night, so E and I decided to split up.

James and E went ahead with the big group of neighborhood kids, and Juliet and I took our time in the back. We really took our sweet time. Juliet had to say "hi!" to every pumpkin we passed. She had to fully inspect all decorations and sample many candies along the way.

James ran the entire time, sticking close to his best buddy. It was darling and so quintessential childhood. Halloween was perfect.

 Cute wolfy tail hanging in the back.

She would not let me carry her. She wouldn't let go of her basket and my gosh was that blue sucker amazing.

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  1. So sweet! Normal, fun childhood memories at so good! Makes me feel warm and fuzzy! I can't wait! ;) Have a great rest of your week!


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