Thursday, November 07, 2013

Thursdays with Grandma

For the past six months or so, James, Juliet and I have spent Thursday mornings with my mom. This is a new thing for us, because up until this point, my mom has worked full time, so hasn't seen the kiddos as much as she would like.

Now that she's back in school (getting her Masters!) she has Thursday mornings reserved for the grandchildren.

All summer we played in the river overflow in her neighborhood, and now that it is cold and autumnish we are walking to our favorite bakeries for breakfast and visiting Garden Park Ward before the leaves fall.

She is only a block and a half away from Garden Park Ward, where there is a public secluded garden with a river, a stage, some amazing brides, and a couple of small happy waterfalls, which please my waterfall loving boy to no end.

Today I knew the cottonwood leaves would be carpeting the ground in yellow, so I decided to grab my camera.

The paths and walkways through the garden are all brick, and all different. Some have inlaid patterns, some are overgrown with moss. All were carpeted with a blanket of gold.
Peeking at the waterfall below.

Usually the pond makes for amazing reflection photos, today it was more of a leaf stew.
This boy loves water. Any trickle will do.
I tried to get him to pose with Grandma. He wanted to show me his leaf.
I love his happy little face peeking from behind the leaf.
Feeling very Nobemberish. Baby November will be FOUR in two weeks. Countdowns begun.

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  1. James is going to be 4 already?!?! Wow! It seems like not that long ago when you announced that you were pregnant with Baby November. Time flies, especially after your have kids, and the older they get the faster time flies (my boys are now 11, 10, and 8 already).
    Both of your kids are growing so quickly and it is wonderful to read about their little personalities. You are doing an amazing job raising two amazing little kids!


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