Tuesday, November 12, 2013

James's new bed

As you may remember, James graduated from his crib about a year ago when he got a mattress that we placed directly on the floor. The mattress on the floor was a great solution for my three year old, no real risk of rolling out, easy to bounce on, and easy to get used to more blankets and more space.

And now, almost a year later we upgraded again and got him his first bed. Black vintage solid wood bed that can hopefully last until he moves away to collage (sob). He loves it. I love it. Solid, heavy, boyish, and simple.

The first day we set it up we had a photo shoot with all his "friends" he sleeps with. Or some of them. There are more, if you can believe it.

All the friends have names. All of them are his favorites. You take one away and he will know. Each name is pretty simple (Wolfy, Owly, Baby Owl, Foxy, etc.) Jaguar might be his favorite because it "protects him from bad dreams". Each night he falls asleep with Jaguar on top of him to protect him and he "just holds his little foot so he doesn't slip away."

Hard to see, but pictured are his lovies, which he adores. Not pictured are Panda, and Baby Panda, which are also his favorites. I tell you, he loves his stuffed animals.

Darling kiddo I've got here. He'll be FOUR in two weeks, and that doesn't cease to amaze me.

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