Sunday, November 24, 2013

James at FOUR {Wolfy photos!}

Mr. James is FOUR.

Four is big. He goes to preschool. Wearing diapers and sleeping in a crib are distant memories. He has a little life apart from me for the first time in his life. It is amazing and wonderful. He is amazing and wonderful.
While looking through the lens when taking this photos, it stuck me. He's a big boy. I can see what he'll look like as a ten year old. I can almost see a hint of his adult self. So bittersweet.

James is a strong headed kid, a kind tender soul, and a Mama's boy through and through. He still loves fruit of any kind and playing outside is one of his favorite activities no matter the weather.

His sister, most the time. Especially trying to boss her around. We tell James 100 times a day that he's not in charge of Juliet.
Waterfalls, bolts, and dark pipes. He's such a goof. No idea how these became his favorites, but alas, they are.
Diggers. For two plus years (half of his little life) he's loved all digging machines.
The mountains. He is an outdoorsman at heart.
Fruit. He tells me strawberries are his favorites.
His snuggly friends in his bed. He loves each and every one.
Naps, most the time. He still is napping 80% of the time.

Being told no. He really knows how to push my buttons, but he has gotten easier than some of his hardest times at three years.
Staying home. He likes to get out and about. Every morning he asks "what's the activity?"
Not being in charge. He's a little type A like his Mama.
Large crowds where everyone wants to talk to him. Even at four he takes some time to warm up to people, even people he knows well.
He always says the funniest stuff. Here are a list of my favorites:
  • Jaguar helps my think abouts go away. (When having a hard time going to sleep because he was over thinking things.)
  • The kiddos are something else.
  • Look at those to Steamworkers (when seeing a smokestack)
  • When snugging daddy "I don't want to hear your nose sounds anymore."
  • Yo Mama! Maybe when I'm an elephant I could eat hay. And it will taste so good for me!
  • When I was sleeping I was hearing the most beautiful sound of my whole life! It was a siren!
  • You know why I swallow buggers? They are yummy. I'm a bugger eating James!
  • The steam clump is working'! (exhaust pipe)
  • Turn here on Granoavard (boulovard)
  • Bee-nok-lee-ers (binoculars)
  • Is this a foxy path or a birdy forest?
  • You are the best mommy of the whole wool-ard
  • I love you mommy. And I love my family. I have a a great daddy and a great mommy.
  • I'm eleventeens old. Look how big I am! That's pretty big.
  • (Touching my boob) Is that a baby?
  • Doggies love chomping on skeleton bones.
  • When I was mad at him "I like your nose!" Then when I laughed he said "you like that? I'll say it again!"
  • Spying his reflection "I look darling do I?"
And, my favorite part. Check out how much he's grown:

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  1. Aww! James is getting so big! We loved hanging out this past weekend, to see it for ourselves! Happy Holidays!


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