Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sunday in the garden {video}

We love visiting Red Butte Garden. It might be our favorite activity for each family member, and it's pretty neat we all agree on its awesome-ness.

I've taken so so many photos there over the years I've stopped bringing my big camera as of late. Although the children are growing leaps and bounds, the garden stays the same. Or mostly the same. The seasons shift, and the garden grows, but photos and blog posts seem to feel repetitive.

So last time, instead of taking photos, I took some short videos. Tonight I edited them together and added music. I'm no way a pro at this (I would love to get better!) but it is fun to see my family in action every once in awhile.
Red Butte from HappierStill on Vimeo.

And if Vimeo doesn't seem to work on your device, here's a link to YouTube.

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  1. It looks great! I love Juliet throwing food to the ducks, such a cutie pie!


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