Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Baby Eve

Every once in awhile I am lucky enough to have a friend that has a baby. Recently a friend of mine gave birth to her second baby, a daughter, and I offered to take some newborn photos for her.

This little dear is amazing. Beautiful. Stunning. Just like her Mama and big brother.

Baby Eve, I adore you.


  1. Anonymous2:52 PM

    Hey! It's Valerie (I met you at the park a while back and we have kids the same ages). I just read a blog post about how important it is to get in photos WITH your kids, and I was thinking about how grateful I am that you offered to take our picture that day (I really have SO few pictures of me with my kids). I then started to think how fun it would be to get together sometime with our cameras and take turns shooting eachother playing with our kids, going for a walk, just being together, etc. As stay at home moms, this is our daily life, yet I for one don't have much documentation of my interactions with my kids. If you would have interest in this sometime, I'd love to get together! If interested, you can send me an email: val [dot] abenroth [at] yahoo

  2. Love! What a cute tiny baby!


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