Saturday, November 09, 2013

Juliet is 21 months {photos with Patsy Ann!}

Juliet is now 21 months old. While I love and adore her I've decided I really don't prefer this age. James was super hard at 21 months too.

Juliet is feisty. So so stubborn. Testing her limits on all areas and proving to me again and again what she controls and I don't.

Of course we had the bridge accident this month, so some rules I've let slide, but even before she fell she's been testing her limits big time. Plus, we've all been sick for a month (super long cold). Thank goodness the weather has been wonderful, otherwise I'd have lost my mind.

Now, onto likes and dislikes -

  • Fruit, halloween candy and french fries. Nothing else. We don't feed her these things, these are just the things she eats. She's proven to me again and again that she won't eat anything else by posing a hunger strike for days on end.
  • Tormenting her brother. Her favorite form is to grab his lovie (his most prized possession) and run away with it laughing all the way.
  • Throwing food on the floor, at James, at Mommy, at the ceiling.
  • Controlling everything and everyone.
  • Hitting everyone around her when she's not getting her way and then grinning about it.
  • Growling at James when she's frustrated at Mama.
  • Her Daddy. She LOVES her Daddy.
  • Acting like she's already hit the terrible twos.
  • Being told no.
  • Being asked to keep walking on our walks.
  • Being put in the stroller when she refuses to walk.
  • Eating.
  • Napping (naps have been record short for over a month).
  • Sitting in the car for longer than two minutes.
  • Not getting all the halloween candy she wants at all times.

With all the frustrations, she is still amazing. Awesome. Funny. Loving. Sweet. I would never change her stubborn attitude for anything. She knows what she wants, and that's ok.

She's talking up a storm, running super fast, walking down stairs standing without help (whatever you do, don't help her! She will cry and tantrum like you cut off her toes), and doing everything else without help.
She is feisty and sassy and I adore her.

Finally, from 1 month until now:

Dress - Vintage from my sister's childhood
Tights - Old Navy
Shoes - See Kai Run

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