Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Navy dress {then & now}

I've mentioned a couple of times, both here and on IG, that my favorite current outfit of Juliet's is the navy vintage dress that once belonged to my sister Melissa. I love how classic it looks. I love the big victorian era collar. I love my baby girl in navy.

This dress started out pretty special too. It was a gift from my mom's best friend. For an entire year my mom's friend lived in London with her young family. When she retuned she brought my mom's (then) three children each a special gift. I got a Peter Rabbit tea set, Brandon got.. something..., and Melissa got this beautiful navy dress.

My mom loved this dress as much as I do now, and it fit Melissa beautifully. One day when the leaves were gold and Melissa was happy, my mom did a little photo shoot in our front yard and got some super sweet photos of Melissa.

And ever since my mom let Juliet have this dress, she's been wanting me to recreate the photos under the weeping birch tree.

Plus, Juliet and her Auntie Melissa look so much alike. Twins, if you will.
Look at her curls! She still has amazing curls today.
Juliet, on this particular day, was grumpy about something. (She's been grumpy all month). Throwing leaves on her head and asking for a smile just wasn't working.
As you can see...
Thank you baby girl, for the mini smile.
One thing that always cheers her up when she's mad at me? Her brother. And I'm ok with that.
Thank you Melissa for lending us your dress. It's yours, when you have a daughter of your own.


  1. Yet another fantastic outfit in Juliet's wardrobe. What a treasure and I agree, they do look a lot alike! Crazy. Wonderful as always Jessica!

  2. I love the 'then and now' theme! So sweet!


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