Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving part I, II and III {we love to eat}

Easily the best thing about having my family and E's family all local is the holidays. Sure, they get a little hectic, trying to fit everyone in on Christmas, for example, can be stressful. But Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving is perfect.

Many years my family hosts later in the weekend and lets E's family host Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving Day. This year, however, my Aunt Laura requested Thanksgiving months in advance and we were excited to switch things up a bit.

Lots of food, loved ones, presents for the birthday boy, and pie. Can't forget the pie. Everything was amazing.

Smoked brie wheel was amazing.
This little shy girl didn't want anybody smiling at her, talking to her, or god forbid, looking her in the eye.

My two boys. My two favorite boys ever.

James loves acting crazy with his uncles.
Lots of happy madness.

The next night we took a few photos in the backyard as well.
Juliet was not in the mood for pictures.
Or kisses.
Driving up to Midway is always such a treat. Chelsea and Joe hosted Thanksgiving this year and it was amazing!
Main Street Heber.
Cousin Emilia loves Juliet. She follows her around like a lost puppy. Seriously adorable.
Baby girl is getting big!
More birthday presents for this happy four year old.

And, finally, today, we celebrated the last of our Thanksgiving fun. For years my dad has been doing Dim Sum instead of trying to wrangle all the kids together on Thanksgiving Day. Dim Sum with my family is amazing because we are all adventurous eaters. Bring it on! Everything was divine. 

And if you can believe it, James got even more presents. Man this kid made out like a bandit.
Can this girl get any sweeter?

I promise, James's wolfy photos and interview are coming. And did you notice my new header? Eeep! The holidays are here!

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