Friday, December 06, 2013

St. Nicholas Tea {Happy St. Nicholas Day to you!}

Every year near or on December 6th we celebrate St. Nicholas Day. My Mother-in-law Connie hosts an amazing Christmas tea at her house. The tea is only the beginning. Catered amazing sandwiches and tarts, scones, cake, biscuits, the list goes on and on. We sit around the table for over an hour, laughing and talking and eating.

It certainly ranks within one of my top three favorite holiday traditions. I love it.

We've been going strong on this tradition for quite a long time, and even attended when James was a wee wee babe, at only two weeks old.

Every year I over eat and don't regret it. St. Nicholas tea, you have my heart.
All three cousins were in their finest Christmas tea clothes and looked so so darling. I sat them on the front lawn and was lucky enough to get this shot.
And every year since James's birth I've taken a photo with him on my lap in this chair. Here he is, on this FIFTH St. Nicholas tea.

So fun enjoying the Christmas season surrounded by kids. Baby Emilia is the sweetest. I love being an aunt.
These two? They make this season beyond magical. 
Want to see James's other photos on St. Nicholas Tea? You got it.

James at two weeks.
James at one.
James at two.
James at three. Juliet at 10 months.
James at four.

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  1. I love this! Could you send me the pic of all three kids and the one of Emilia and me?


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