Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Dress

One of my favorite hobbies, for sure, is dressing my kids. The actual dressing I hate. They both wiggle and run and cry about getting dressed. But choosing their clothes? I love it.

Now, I've never been much into fashion for myself and spending more on them than me I find super ridiculous. I shop sales and only buy things I LOVE. Also I love vintage for Juliet, so that often is from thrift stores, gifts or eBay.

It is amazing what you can find on eBay for practically nothing. I adore finding hidden gems, and this dress is one of those for sure.

Now, if you remember last year, Juliet had a wonderful fancy Janie & Jack dress (a gift!) to wear for her first Christmas. I wanted something similar but didn't want to pay the J&J prices.

Eeep! Look how tiny she is! Ack. I miss this.
This year's dress is very similar. Smocking, Christmas plaid and a collar. I love collars on baby girl dresses. You may also notice she is wearing the same flower in her hair. When she grew out of headbands around her first birthday I clipped all my favorite flowers off her headbands and glued them to little hair clips. They are still the most used hair accessory in the house.
Long beautiful curls in the back.
Rose and ribbon at the neck, and a big double white collar.

This dress?! After months of searching "smocked dress 2T" on eBay this one came up. It's a vintage gem that had never been worn. Original tags still in place. Winning bid (mine!) was $7.12. AMAZING!
Red fingernails to finish off the fancy Christmas outfit!

Dress - Ebay
Hairbow - Etsy
Tights - Old Navy
Shoes - See Kai Run

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