Sunday, December 08, 2013

Juliet is 22 months {photo with Patsy Ann!}

Juliet is 22 months! Yippee! She is SPEEDING towards two, and there is no stopping it. Hurrah!

Juliet had a much better month after last month's bridge scare and stubborn streak. Yes, she is still as stubborn as can be, but I'm more stubborn, and now she understands that if I say she needs two more bites of dinner before getting down, I mean business.

She sleeps well, eats somewhat well, talks a ton, sings to herself all the time, is amazing at pretend play, loves to play with pretend cameras (budding photographer!), has suddenly started getting scared in parts of movies that used to not bother her, and is all around amazing.

She plays with James so well and holds her own when they are fighting. Their favorite fight? One yells "yes" and the other yells "no". Back, forth, back forth. Yes! No Yes! No! Yes! No! E and I just smile at each other because it is such classic siblings. They have nothing to fight about other than the other one is saying yes.

Her hair is getting so long and her bangs needed a small trim this month.

Juliet loves her coat but doesn't love the cold so much. Playing in the snow doesn't last long with her, but lets hope she learns, otherwise it will be a long winter.

Her favorite toys are tiny toys that are not suitable for babies under two. Playmobil, tiny marbles, little pretend animals, anything tiny she just loves (just like her Mama!).

This girl I adore more and more each and every day.

Now onto likes and dislikes:

Bananas and fruit. And plain bread. And ketchup. Blah.
James. She adores him and asks about him if he's not around.
Daddy. She's a Daddy's girl through and through.
Pooping in the potty! Yes! She will tell me about 50% of the time that she needs to go, and will actually go into the potty!
The Christmas tree. She's obsessed.
Playing surprise. She loves to chase and be startled if I'm hiding behind a corner. She laughs and laughs.
Waking up early.

Eggs, veggies, beans, and breakfast.
Getting cold.
Being in the stroller. Neither of my kids tolerated the stroller past 18 months.
Waking up from her nap. She cries and cries.

Love you baby girl!

Tried to take photos right after she woke up from her nap. Seriously this girl wakes up GRUMPY.
A snack and a 15 minutes later she was feeling more herself.

Finally, from 1 month until now:

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