Thursday, December 19, 2013

Year's first winter hike

On Sunday we decided we MUST escape the inversion and get up the mountains where the air is clear and the sun is out. Last year Juliet was little enough to be carried on our winter hiking adventures, but this year it was a whole new ballgame.

Firstly, she doesn't love her snow clothes. Heavy? Hard to move in? Not entirely sure. 

James on the other hand is one with nature. There is no place he'd rather be than tromping through the snow on a day with sun (me too little man, me too). 

So while E and I took turns dealing with the grumpy girl (oh so grumpy!) we also took turns with the happy boy. Daddy and James went sledding and Mama and James tromped over to the river to watch the water and the ice crystals. 

When it was finally time to leave James cried ("I want to stay here all day!") and Juliet rejoiced. We will work on her. ;)

When we first got there James was fake falling into the snow and Juliet thought it was the funniest thing ever. Thank goodness I got a few smiling photos before the tantrums and tears started. 
His first snow angel.
James is so funny.
All the little branches in the river had formed these beautiful ice crystals. I was in awe.
Before we left he wanted a "cozy snow nest" and was happy to just hang out there. Love that he loves the winter snow like I do.

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