Thursday, December 26, 2013

Celebrating {Part I, Christmas Eve}

Christmas Eve is among my favorite holidays of the year. The day holds so much anticipation of what's to come, and we always celebrate with a big fancy party with my family.

Once upon a time my sister and I would even go to the salon on Christmas Eve to get our hair styled for the special night.

Since my Grandpa's death and my Grandma's stroke Christmas Eve has changed a lot. But that is ok. Now it is less formal and more hectic (since we've added James and Juliet to the family since then).

And, even with all the changes it is still my favorite.

For the fancy party I tried a crown braid (a french braid that wraps around her entire head). It looked AMAZING until a diaper change and the drive over to my mom's. Car seats can ruin awesome hair. Glad I got to enjoy it on our little neighborhood walk before the party.

After a week of snow the skies cleared and it even warmed up a little. The mountains sparkled.

We walked up to our favorite house in the neighborhood and I was able to snap this gem.
This girl is a Daddy's girl. She kept kissing him and hugging him the entire walk home. I finally asked E to stop so I could grab a photo. (Notice her fingernails!)

And the party at my mom's was wonderful. We started with presents (a huge stack for everyone!) and Nana was so happy to just watch the kids play and laugh.
My mom and hostess. 
My mom is always sure to have something special for the kids to drink whenever we see her. Upon arriving, Juliet yelled "Debbie's! Juice!" And I painted my nails earlier in the day and she saw me. She wanted it so much and kept asking "pleeeaaase?" so I relented and let her have red fingernails for Christmas.

As always, my Grandma was moved to tears when opening our family photo book. She just loves it.
And, late at night, before the day was through, Santa paid a visit and left a huge pile of golden gifts for the kids. Christmas day blog post coming up next!

Outfit details:
James's -
Coat - Costco
Sweater and herringbone slacks- Gymboree
Tee - Old Navy

Juliet -
Coat - Target
Dress - Vintage Etsy find (I spent months looking for the perfect holiday dress, I found two, so this one, which you've already seen was her Christmas Eve dress. Her Christmas dress is just as darling!)
Tights - Old Navy
Hair clips - Gift from Damma
Shoes - See Kai Run

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