Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Baby's First Christmas

Christmas day post is coming. Promise. But this dress and these photos, they are just amazing. The dress I got from Connie (my mother-in-law) for Juliet's first Christmas. UNREAL. And the photos? I asked for a new lens for my camera after my old lens stopped focusing reliably. Perfect perfect perfect.
This baby girl knew she was modeling. The straight back, the tilted head, cute curls. In reality she really wanted to chew on her shoe. When I took it away to put it on her foot (how could I?!) I grabbed the bell. Luckily she found it fascinating.
Wispy light hair. Perfect bokeh background.
These pudgy arms are just so adorable.

One of her Christmas presents were these adorable wooden animals. She got a squirrel and a bunny as well.
Peter pan collar, smocking, Christmas plaid. Nothing is more old fashioned and perfect for her first Christmas.
And a droll ball to finish it off! Happy first Christmas Bunny!
Outfit details -
Dress - Janie & Jack
Headband - Etsy
Socks - Gymboree
Shoes - Janie & Jack

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