Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Two parties to kick off the holiday season

It is party season. December rolls around and the Thanksgiving leftovers are long since devoured, and new parties are on the horizon.

The first party of December is always E's family's annual St. Nicholas Day Tea. Each year on or near December 6th we celebrate St. Nicholas by having high tea at my in-laws. We have tarts, finger sandwiches, scones, jam and clotted cream. Each year I swear it is more and more delicious, and it is one of my favorite parties of the season because it feels like we really kick off the Christmas season.
Plates of tarts tower on the already set table when we arrive. Finger sandwiches are set out awaiting hungry tea goers (me), and butter, jam and honey and everything else is perfect.
The little girl dressed in the sweetest most old fashioned dress and a purple bonnet. Of course she need a photo with our hostess (Damma!).
I've taken a photo of James on my lap in this same seat every single year at St. Nicholas Tea. This year was even better because I had two babies on my lap. (Want to see all the photos, in order?! Check the end of last year's post).

I did not stage this photo. But I about died when I snapped it. James? Cutest kid in the world.

And then the very next night we were back at it. Celebrating again. Hanukah started on Friday and I'm half Jewish! My Dad invited all my siblings and my family over to celebrate the fourth night of this special holiday.

Juliet was being adorable at the party. She was going from being completely giggly (and laughing at all the inappropriate jokes that the adults were laughing at) and being a complete and total snuggle bun.
James was the center of attention the entire night. All eyes were on him and he was being adorable.
Handsome host.
Lighting the candles. Thank goodness he didn't tell us the story of Hanukah. He does every year and we've all heard it a hundred times. We were hungry. ;)
E and James looking on during the prayer. (Look how much things have changed since the last time we did this!)
Look at this amazing family of mine.
Happy December! 


  1. I love everything about this post-- the smiles, Juliet's bonnet, adoring grandparents, James daddy-love. And I kinda want to be adopted into your extended family. :)

  2. Happy Holidays! What a fun event! You dad and siblings look like they are doing great! Say hi to everyone for me. Can't wait to see you this holiday, we will be in SLC!


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