Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas at the Grand America

After a week of being under the weather (me, horrible stomach flu and Juliet a cold, teething, and an ear infection) we decided to celebrate that everyone is feeling (mostly) better by a trip to Grand America to see the Christmas decorations.
James had a "grand" time looking in all the windows and seeing the fountain in the courtyard. He really liked this bell on "Santa's special moose".
Just like last year, he was mesmerized.
He liked the fountain so much he convinced E to stay out in the chilly courtyard for twenty minutes.
Baby girl and I peeked through the big windows inside at our boys out in the cold.
Sweet baby is growing up! Standing up if she has something to hold onto (James was WALKING at this age!).
Once we finally convinced James to wander back inside his thoughts never wavered from the glorious fountain.

We finished our loop at the toy shop. Oh my! What a toy shop it is! I found about 15 things I LOVED but couldn't afford a single thing. Adorable adorable stuff.
This week we also went to E's family's cookie day and my Aunt Laura and cousin Kendra's Solstice/ End of the World party. But due to a very needy baby that was not feeling herself, the camera stayed home.

Onto better and healthier days!

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