Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Temple Square for Christmas Lights

Since I was a girl we've been visiting Temple Square at Christmastime to see the lights. Since Temple Square has trippled their size over the last ten years or so, it is even a more amazing display than it once was. And since it's free, it is really a perfect activity.

I was intent on taking the train in, just like last year, because last year James LOVED it. On the train platform Juliet was snuggled and not making a peep in her stroller. I glanced in to check on her and her hat and inched down over her eyes. There she sat, in the semidarkness, happy as can be. James, E and I were laughing so much at this sweet content snuggle bun.
E wasn't super excited about taking the train, it is kind of a hassle. I don't know, do you think James liked it?
Oh my, he LOVED it.
Once arriving we went over to the Macy windows. They were neat, but not as impressive as I remember the ZCMI windows from when I was a child. They just looked so small. Or is that just because when you are small, everything is huge?
The huge candy ornaments spun and were beautiful.
My family, peeking in at the candy display.
Then we wandered over to Temple Square and got there right at 5:00, when the lights turn on. Oh it is beautiful. 

The sky steadily darkened and I was even brave enough to hand my iPhone to a stranger in hopes of a family photo. Success!
The entire time it rained. Not pouring, just a steady mist. It made it quite chilly but also made for wet paths, and wet paths equals reflections. 
So stunning.
James, while he loved the Christmas lights, really was there to see one thing, the fountains.
I, on the other hand, was completely obsessed with the lights.
Fountains fountains and more fountains. And notice those reflections!
This particular tree is always my favorite. Just amazing. And the added wet paths just made it more magical.
Ahhh, so simply stunning.
After we'd finished the Temple Square circuit we walked over to the new amazing City Creek Mall for dinner. James, our fountain loving boy, was hungry. And after E and I told him for the third time to not put his hand in the fountain, he flipped. We put him in the stroller and carried Juliet and the entire time he was buckled in, it was like we had the Tasmanian Devil with us. Oh my word.

The stroller shook. The howls echoed. We decided to forgo the hour long wait in the food court (hour long for fast food?!) and high tailed it out of there (after waiting twenty minutes in the rain for the train, maybe E was right after all...). We stopped for burgers on the way home and our little devil turned back into a sweet angel. Christmas miracles do exist.
But know you know why there are no photos from the City Creek Mall. Three year olds are crazy.


  1. We waited forever when we went there too. It was turkey day weekend and all, but we were there for a wedding. that food court was insane! sam did pretty OK, but was ready to get outta there right before we finished eating. I totally get it :)
    LOVE your pictures.

  2. I think you guys were really smart for taking trax. We actually missed the beginning of the symphony we saw a couple weekends ago because there was literally no parking anywhere because so many people were downtown to see the lights and shop.

  3. Wow. I love those ones of the pavement with the rain! Beautiful Jess!


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