Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas dinner and more presents!

This is the final Christmas day post. We had such a long wonderful day full of happy smiles and easy kiddos, I really wanted to stretch out the fun.
We arrived at E's family's house after naps and dug right into stockings. Santa at E's family's house is famous for the most wonderful stockings EVER. Full of fruit, candies, toys, gifts and even special drinks. All custom for each person. So totally awesome.
This mushroom dish? I was soooo excited about it!
James was in an especially silly and snuggly mood (which is rare for him). He gave both Damma and Grandpa some good snuggles! (And yes, he had an adorable Christmas sweater on but the house was warm and he wanted it off immediately, to bad too).
Baby bunny was in the middle of the excitement.
New dolls for baby girls. Nothing better.
Juliet got an adorable little piano. As soon as James spotted it he was intent on figuring it out ASAP. Juliet sat there in a trance of awesome-ness.
Her new favorite thing. Show off the tongue. (And I really really miss short sleeve weather, how am I to survive without seeing those arm rolls on a daily basis?)
Finished the night with a little story time with Grandpa. Merry Christmas!


  1. Loving all your Christmas posts Jessica! It looks as though you had a fantastic holiday! I must ask where you found Juliet's adorable Christmas dress! I LOVE IT! Her and James are gorgeous!

  2. Juliet's adorable dress was from Janie & Jack. Perfect, right?! Here is a link of another post I did specifically about her dress:


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