Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sledding day

E has the entire week between Christmas and New Years off.  This, alone, is enough to celebrate.

Each day we've been busy. Trips to the pool, the Natural History Museum, the Aquarium.

And one day we took James sledding for the very first time ever. James got his first sled for his birthday this year from Uncle Brandon and we've been itching to try it out.

Juliet also accompanied us in the sleigh that was once mine. Remember this sleigh? We used it SO MUCH when James was this age. (Here is one of my favorite photos of James in the sleigh.)
We started on the small hills at Murray Park thinking the speed would worry him. As soon as he saw the huge hill he said "I want to go there! On the big part!"
Not sure why I thought the big hill or the speed would scare him. Clearly I was wrong.
Juliet was happy the entire time. She loves the snow, just like James did at this age.
Scratch that. She was not happy the entire time. If her sleigh stopped moving, you know, so we could watch James sled and take turns tromping up the big hill with him, she was not happy in the slightest.
I predict a lot more sledding days to come.
She agrees.
All these photos were taken with my phone! Yea for awesome phone cameras!

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