Thursday, December 06, 2012

IG photos of the moment

Oh my, 42 unposted IG photos to share. That is too too many. I'll try to do this weekly again so I don't get so backlogged.

1. Her profile is perfect. 2. Oh my that's a big elevator!

3. November walk. 4. Pretty dang happy for the amount of teething she's doing.

5. The orange curly leaf caught my eye. 6. "I'm like Juliet and I say 'ohh that's delicious!'"

7. Throwing rocks with James. 8. Chomping leaves, again.

9. Goodnight today. 10. What I am most thankful for.

11. Outside Christmas lights after a four year hiatus! 12. Happy baby, unmade utterly comfortable bed, belly that is never empty. I have a lot to be grateful for.

13. My tree. 14. My house!

15. Red Butte at sunset. 16. Indian Dinner is my favorite dinner of all.

17. More birthday bliss for this boy. 18. My mom made an advent for us! Twenty five wrapped gifts and a note that corresponds. Each gift is AMAZING!

19. Naked bed jumping. There are perks to being potty trained. 20. She learned to wave and clap the same day. "Hello!"

21. The sun sinks lower so early now. 22. Sunset at our favorite beach.

23. His "thinking face". It totally cracks me up. 24. Pucker up!

25. Yummy drink through a straw or sucking on a reed? I'll never tell! 26. Watercolors in the morning with a new Christmas coloring book.

27. My kiddo in a HUGE bubble! 28. She was up for the day at 5:30 and took a mini morning nap! But look how happy she is!

29. Hello pretty girl! 30. Custom alphabet cards ordered. They are so neat! Can't wait to give them to James on Christmas!

31. Strawberries for lunch. 32. Advent day four both kids got reindeer antlers.

33. Juliet had to show off her antlers too, of course. 34. Throwing rocks with James.

35. Duck watching has her in a trance. 36. It's been rough. James has really been pushing boundaries and one day he not only didn't nap but was noisy enough to keep his sister up from napping herself.

37. Wave wave wave! 38. Waiting for Uncle Brandon to arrive. He was so excited he kept running to the window to check if he's come.

39. "Nice to meet you little gnome." 40. Colorful mess.

41. James: "I'm smiling because after a week of being naughty I'm being nice today, Santa's watching you know!" Juliet: "Why are you so happy? Isn't your butt freezing? Baby, it's cold outside!" 42. The best part of their day.


  1. Where did you get those custom flash cards? Too cute!

  2. Connie3:24 PM

    Seriously! I was beginning to wonder where my grand kids went!


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