Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas morning

Christmas morning was so wonderful this year. So different than years past, and oh so wonderful. This was the first year since I was a kid (12 years ago?) that I've stayed home in the morning for Christmas. While visiting is super fun, now that I have a family of my own, I liked the laid back feel of our morning at home.

It started with a sleeping in kiddo (we finally woke James at eight! Juliet had been up since 6:30) and a modest pile of presents.
James's main present was his new big boy bed. We decided to put a twin mattress on the floor and get a special quilt he could grow with. And of course the jaguar was a big gift too.
Juliet was immidiatly taken with her new bunny toy.
The only thing James asked for (other than a bell) was suckers in his stocking. Luckily, just like last year, Santa delivered.
Stocking contents everywhere!
Both kiddos got a fox in their stocking. Juliet also got a bunny, a music box and a rattle in her first stocking.
E surprised me with this. Oh I love it so.
Soon we started to dig into the gifts. E was so excited about this watch. Seems like James is pretty stoked too.
And E got me a lens. A beautiful lens. That takes the most beautiful photos, as seen below. Oh my.

Each year each kiddo gets a book. This tradition (along with getting a toy each year) has been something we've been doing since James's first Christmas, when he was only a month old.
We chose The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, And the Big Hungry Bear for James's book this year.
He LOVES it. And we've read it at least a dozen times since.
Juliet got the very fitting and totally adorable I am a Bunny. She also got the forest floor rug that we are sitting on.
Soon my mom arrived looking like a Christmas angel or something. That wagon full of gifts? Best way ever to deliver Christmas surprises.
And the wagon was her's and Chuck's gift to James and Juliet. WOW!
We had a very laid back breakfast while the baby girl slept.

And opened more presents. These personalized flashcards are among my favorite things I've ever purchased.
What a lovely relaxed morning. More Christmas posts to come.
And just like last year I took a video of Christmas morning. Enjoy.

To see more of what the kiddos got for Christmas, check out my Pinterest board here.

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