Sunday, December 23, 2012

Happy birthday dad! {family ski day}

Today my dad turned 59. But we talked. He says he doesn't feel like 59, so instead we agreed on 36.

What he wanted for his birthday was to treat his four children to a day of skiing at Park City Mountain Resort. Somehow he has an in, because he got the tickets for a steal. Dang those tickets are expensive!

Me, Melissa, my Dad, Chandler and Brandon. E was home with the littles. And no, we did not ski McConkey's Bowl. Once I skied double black diamonds, but not anymore. ;)
On the lift. We are excited!
It was such a fun day. I caught up with all my siblings and Dad while we rode the lift and waited in lines. Once we were on the mountain though, we hardly stopped. These guys are fast.
Brandon's goggles made for a perfect mirror!

Panorama mode on my phone rocks. Click the image to see it bigger.
These sibs of mine? Amazing skiers. I'm slow. They left me in their dust powder.

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  1. I'm so happy your family likes to do this! My mom always wants to celebrate her bday by skiing with her kids. It's such an awesome tradition...hopefully I can keep it up with Sam :) We should go skiing together someday!


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