Saturday, December 15, 2012

Snow day!

Oh the weekend is off to a great start. Last night we went to Temple Square to see the lights (blog post to come) and it rained on us. While rain is not fun to walk in, the wet paths made for some wonderful reflections.

And then overnight the rain turned to snow and we woke up to a winter wonderland this morning. James was so excited to go out, and the snow was wetter than the last time it snowed, which meant it was perfect for building a snowman.

James and I got to work rolling a big ball. So big that at then end I couldn't push it any farther. And then we rolled another one. It was huge. E and I lifted and hoisted and barely got it positioned atop the first. The third, smallest ball was sill pretty huge, the size of a large beach ball.

But once all three balls were balanced atop each other, we found a scarf, a carrot, a hat and some charcoal. And he was perfect. James took one look at him and said "It is Frosty! And he's perfect!" (Much better than our last pathetic snowman.)
After Frosty was complete James and E got to work on a snow fort. E is a snow fort connoisseur, if you will. He knows about things like thickness of walls, how to best defend, where to incorporate natural elements, and how to build a solid base. James mostly wanted to destroy what was built, but finally decided it was more fun to help rather than destroy.

During all the fun Juliet was taking her morning nap. When she woke, I bundled her up from head to toe and let her join the fun in the backyard. We put her in the sled that James used so much at this age and pulled her all over the backyard.

At first she was unsure, but soon enough, the Snow Bunny was smiling from ear to ear.
More weekend goodness to come.

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