Sunday, November 11, 2012

Weather 180

Wow. On Thursday I was outside enjoying the amazingly mild temperatures. Juliet wore a short sleeved dress only a couple of days ago.

Friday a storm moved in and today on Sunday it has still not let up. Over 18" of fresh powder.

And in the middle of it all E came home from his week long work trip to Paris. We were shocked with how much we got! It's amazing!

James had never built a snowman, a travesty really. But due to the fact that we got less snow ALL last winter than we've gotten in this one storm, we decided to get right to work.
We tried and tried to roll a ball of snow to start our snowman, but snow in Utah is dry. So it doesn't pack down much (hence the reason we claim "greatest snow on earth" because powder is awesome to ski in!). So after trying to make a ball we finally just decided to kind of mound it up.
James was having a ball. What kid doesn't love a ton of fresh snow?
Soon we had a medium high mound and made a pretty pathetic snowman with two rocks, as eyes, and a carrot nose. Luckily James didn't seem to mind this pathetic-ness.
Soon the half frozen carrot was too tempting. Snowman body parts are delicious.
This sweet bunny was napping through most of the fun, but once she woke we needed to bring her out to enjoy the snow! It isn't her first snow (this one is!) but now she's big enough to get it. And? She is not a fan. She kept tipping back in the middle of the lawn because of the amount of layers on her, so finally a put her against the flower boxes for the purpose of a photo.
The next day (while the storm was still going strong) we bundled her up again but this time didn't place her down in the snow. See the side-eye? She was quite unsure.
In Daddy's arms she's slightly happier.
What a fantastic storm!
Happy Winter!


  1. Great pictures!

  2. Oh my! I'm a little bit jealous!

  3. Great photos! Great memories. :) Welcome back Ethan! You guys rocketed past us on winter wonderland!

  4. Gorgeous gorgeous photos! I'm jealous too!

  5. your photos are perfection!


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