Sunday, November 25, 2012

Baby November loves November

Long time readers of this blog may remember that when I was pregnant the first time we called the baby "Baby November". Once we found out the baby was a boy (James!) we stuck with the name until birth. Seemed so gentle for our sweet baby boy that would soon join our family.

Well we haven't called James "Baby November" in three years, but birthday boy requested a trip to Red Butte Garden "to see the waterfalls" on his birthday. The garden was perfectly November. All the leaves had fallen and the garden was readying itself for winter. Birds and squirrels hustled by with nuts and berries. The ground was crunchy with leaves and the air wasn't too chilly. Sunset arrived early and we stayed until the gates were closing.

Happy third birthday my dear. Love that your birthday request is to visit the garden we all hold so dear.

Twins Daddy and James.
With his birthday present flashlight. Didn't put it down all weekend.

Lovin' the remote on my camera. Lovin' the mild temperature.
My boy as the sun sinks lower into the sky.
Sunset in the garden is so stunning.
Juliet is such an easy baby but like any baby, she got tired of the stroller and wanted to explore eat leaves.
When we said "hey! don't eat those!" she smiled from ear to ear.
James is now at the age where we can ask him to look at the camera and smile. Staged? Yes. Adorable? Hell yes.
As the sun got lower the golden light got more and more brilliant.
Goodnight garden.
Baby November loves November is a title I've used before! We visited the garden in November when James was almost one! Check it out.

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