Monday, November 19, 2012

Quiet Sunday morning

On Saturday morning right after the baby girl went down for a nap I was out the door headed for Ikea to work on some Christmas shopping. Then Saturday night I went to Gardner Village after the babies were in bed and finished the kiddo Christmas shopping (shopping for your own children's' Christmas is SO FUN).

By Sunday everyone was looking forward to a slow morning. We rolled out of bed late (note: we did not sleep late, oh no, but just actually got out of bed late), and shuffled into the kitchen to make German Pancakes, a weekend tradition.

Whenever we get out the flour James wants to cook too. It's been a year now and he still loves playing in the flour and helping Daddy mix the ingredients.
We finally got smart and put a cookie sheet down before letting him scoop. Inevitably it's always a mess.
Flour everywhere equals a happy boy.
Baby girl sometimes stays up for German Pancakes, but since we got such a late start this particular morning we decided to give her buttered toast and put her down for her nap before breakfast was ready.
Two toofies, two more on the way, and a mouth full of toast! See the little whips behind her ears? There are curls back there. CURLS!!!

And her yeti jammies? Yep, she's still wearing only boy pjs. Love pulling out my favorites from when James was a baby. She may get girl pjs for Christmas, we will see.
Flour was really everywhere.
My almost three year old.
After breakfast we retreated into the living room for some coloring.

And snuggling. E loves thinking about Christmas presents. This year, he's thinking about getting a watch. Again. He has a lot. And James? He still colors his hands whenever the markers are out.
Goofy kid.
Soon Rumpus (the king of snuggles) realized there were snuggles to be had, and joined in. Love these three boys. Hope your Sunday was happy.

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