Monday, November 26, 2012

Holiday weekend

Our nice long weekend started with Thanksgiving and ended with Thanksgiving. In the middle there was setting up the tree and James's birthday. So much to celebrate!

Another version of the family photo you saw. Love this one too. Dang I have so much to be thankful for.
On Thursday we went to E's family for their traditional thanksgiving. Connie always makes sure every guest has a new Christmas ornament and a chocolate turkey from Sees. Such fun traditions.
Since we didn't do a family birthday party for James this year it meant that family presents were given throughout the weekend. Four days of presents? So awesome.
Juliet was a little timid on her first Thanksgiving, mostly sticking to the yogurt puffs she's accustom to.
The entire crew, minus me.
Once we discovered that Juliet LOVED cranberry sauce she was no longer timid. So glad we brought the baby smock and kept her beautiful dress clean.
Later in the weekend my dad came over to deliver James's birthday present. It is so fun to have his birthday overlap such a long weekend. Feels like such a celebration.
And Jenga was a huge hit.
On his actual birthday we had chocolate chip pancakes with candles.
And finally, at the end of the weekend we finished up all the celebrating with another Thanksgiving feast at my Mom's house. Aren't the ladies of my family so beautiful?
My Mom's new house is amazing. One huge open room in the middle perfect for entertaining. And so much color and beautiful things to look at.
Melissa insisted on a sibling shot. Glad she did. Oldest (and wisest) to youngest. Me, Brandon, Melissa, Chandler.
And my family of four.
My grandma was there and so excited to see the kiddos.
Is this photo of Nana with Juliet not the most perfect moment ever?
The entire family joined us.
Excited for the feast!
Melissa and her love Whit.
Dang I love this three year old.
The food? AMAZING. The turkey was brined overnight, the garlic mashed potatoes and garlic cloves, the cranberry sauce was made with orange juice, and the list goes on and on... OMG...
The entire crew (minis me).
Weeks ago my mom asked James what kind of birthday cake he wanted and after some thought he said "pink". I love that he said that. So she decided to make a homemade strawberry cake (with a pound of real strawberries) and oh my... divine!
Such an incredible weekend celebrating family, food and James. And it ended with a three layer pink cake. Pretty much perfection.

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  1. You have such a beautiful family! I love the look of your mom's house - that blue wall color is so fun!


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