Friday, November 23, 2012

Decorating the tree

Every year on the day after Thanksgiving we haul the Christmas tree in from the garage.

It's a big job that involves rearranging the living room, cleaning up cat toys, forgotten crayons and hair elastics from under the sofas, and sweeping the corners of the room that haven't seen a broom in a year.
But it is oh so worth it. We always have Christmas music playing in the background. We have coffee and Thanksgiving leftovers and pecan pie. This year we had something new. Something that has never been around for Christmas before.
Our Christmas tree is the first Christmas tree she's ever seen. And oh was she mesmerized.
The ornaments hung like little orbs of wonder.
James is at the best age. Christmases just getting more and more fun. He was thrilled to help decorate and only wanted to decorate with the red glass balls. He got them "all perfect" in one single location on the tree. Notice half of the balls are just set on the limbs just barely balancing.
Baby girl scooted her way over to the ornament box and carefully inspected the contents.
I love when James does this face. It is his concentrating face but he only does it when he's in a very good mood. I think he heard E coming up from the basement and had his head cocked and listening.
And, some wispy baby curls to end the post. More holiday goodness to come.
Baby bunny's outfit? It was mine when I was a baby. I don't think she'll wear it again, she hardly fit!

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  1. Oh, my goodness! Your babies are so gorgeous! Your world reminds me so much of mine, not that long ago. I commented on another of your posts already, but i cannot recall which one. I just found your blog this morning, through Pinterest, something like a little cottage pillow or such, I think. I love your blog, it brings back wonderful memories. My kids are now 19 and 17, and still wonderful. but those baby times, and toddler times, they do float away quickly. Enjoy!


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