Saturday, November 17, 2012

November in Instagram

My life over the last two weeks according to my iPhone.

1. Seal watching with Grandpa Chuck. 2. Seal kiss.

3. She doesn't like lying in the leaves as much as chomping them. 4. We voted!

5. Her best smiles are always for James. 6. How did one girl get so lucky?

7. James loves hanging out with Uncle Brandon. 8. So beautiful it almost doesn't look real.

9. Beautiful evening at the park. I remember this day I was alone (E was in Paris) and the afternoon was so lovely. The evening putting the kiddos to bed? HELLISH. So so horrible. Oh my. 10. Being almost three is hard, yo. We've had lots of timeouts and meltdowns.

11. She has taken more of an interest in my dolls than James EVER has! Yea!! 12. Run! One last day at the park before the big snowstorm moved in.

13. Unreal. The sunset the night before the storm was magical. 14. Blurry happiness in the living room while the Christmas music blares and the snow swirls outside.

15. Out to play on day one of the storm! 16. I've started my Christmas shopping for the kids (favorite thing ever!) and I'm currently obsessing over these amazing wooden animals for Juliet. I bought four, so she'll have a woodland set.

17. Teething sucks. 18. Pool day with Brandon. I stole this photo from him. Thank goodness he was there, snuggle bunnies DO NOT like to swim and E was still out of town. James and Brandon swam together the entire time.

19. I think they are happy he's home! 20. Kiss! Juliet looks so much like Auntie Melissa did as a baby.

21. I'm dying! He looks so adorable in underpants! These stripy pair lasted twenty minutes before he peed, but then it clicked for him and he's only had two other pee accidents since! 22. Playing with toys in the living room not far from the potty.

23. The Mater underpants are his favorite. Seeing his bum without a diaper on is beyond adorable. 24. I had the genius idea to put the water table on the front porch and fill it with sand. Digging man can dig even when it's snowing!

25. I heart a beautiful winter sky. AMAZING.  26. Trying to climb into her crib has left them both in hysterics.

27. She loves pulling her socks off. I've got her fooled with tights. 28. The good life. So much like his father.

29. Peter pan collars, lace and ruffles. I'm having entirely too much fun with girl clothes.  30. Juliet 9 months stats. 21 lbs, 10 oz. 88%.  29" long. 89%. Head 17.25" 42%. She's large.

31. Took James to his three year well visit, he's 39.25" tall. 84%. 35 lbs. 91%. Head 20.25" 87%  32. The leaves from under the snow are delicious.

33. Arctic exploring. 34. This little girl bit me while nursing and got told "no" for the first time in her life. Stubborn bunny decided to start a nursing strike after and went for 18 hours without nursing. Instead would scream and arch her back when I was trying to nurse her. Fun fun.

35. "My shirt is all funny!" says the boy who has never tried to undress himself ever. This was a first. 36. Things I love: this girl, mild temperatures today (the snow is melted!), Christmas shopping at Ikea alone, jammies till noon, and extra fiber (#julietchompsleaves)!

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