Thursday, November 08, 2012

Juliet is 9 months! {Patsy Ann photos!}

Oh my word. My baby, the baby that came rushing into this world at under seven pounds, tiny and perfect, is no longer tiny. She's huge! She has two teeth and one more just broke through this morning! She eats solid foods and sleeps well! She laughs and coos and tries her hardest to crawl. Every day of her amazing nine months she's been everything I ever hoped to have in a daughter. She is amazing!
So, what's new with this snuggle bunny? (By the way, Snuggle Bunny is James's preferred method of referring to her!) She is a great eater and a master at finger foods. She tries most things that are placed in front of her, which is almost everything we are eating. Her favorites are fruit fruit fruit (just like James), chicken, buttered toast and avocado. Come to think of it, those are all of my favorites too. 

She's not much of a fan of yogurt or cottage cheese, but quite likes string cheese, pancakes and even tried lasagna this month (however she promptly spit it out).  Also! She just learned how to use a straw and now will drink from a sippy after nine months of refusing one outright. 

Like I said, she has another tooth making an appearance, the top left one just broke through this morning. She is a rolling FEIND and can get anywhere she wants by rolling. She wants to crawl so much, but has yet to even push up on her hands and knees. 

She adores being outside with James and I, and still totally melts for her Daddy. 
Now onto likes and dislikes:

Food. Finger foods and booby milk.
Her dollies. She has taken much more of an interest in dollies than James ever has. This beyond delights me.
Chomping leaves. ;)
Rolling to all her favorite spots which include under her crib, under her glider chair, and anywhere else were I have a hard time getting to her.
Having James make her laugh.
Practicing standing up. She thinks it's so funny and then promptly sits down.

The time change. Tell me about it baby girl, I hate it too.
James splashing her in the face at bath time.
Not getting raspberries fast enough.

Took her outside to see if I could get some smiles.
Eating grass was much more interesting.
And that's a wrap! She's done!

Outfit details -
Dress - Gymboree, gift from lovely friends
Tights - Walmart
Shoes - Old Navy
Headband - Etsy

And I'm not going to tag this post favorite outfit only because this beautiful dress has already made it into that category once before!

And from 1 month until now:


  1. Orange is totally her color! too cute!

  2. Also, so much hair growth this month! yay!

  3. I can see so much of you in her in that first photo! Beautiful portraits, as usual!

  4. I noticed the hair too! I think I've commmented on this before, but I LOVE this series! What a treasure it will be for Juliet to look back on when she's older.

  5. honestly. you are brilliant.


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