Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Oh she wants to move

Things are changing over here at the speed of light. We've been telling James for months now that they don't make diapers for three year olds. When you're three you need to use the potty. And on Monday I bit the bullet and started potty training my boy. One more step towards boy-hood and away from babyhood. I will write a full post about adventures in potty training (because who doesn't want to read about my kid's pees and poos?!) but since the story is not yet complete, I will instead talk about the little kiddo.

The little kiddo wants to move like her big brother. Lots of babies are crawling by 9 months, but not my girl. If you remember, James never crawled. He went from sitting to walking. I never crawled either. Weird, I know.

Juliet? She wants to crawl. Yet she has still not pushed up on her hands and knees. Silly "gurl" (like James says).

So where are we on the crawling front? She can lie down from a sitting position alone. Once she's lying down she can roll roll roll to wherever she pleases. But when she's sitting she'll often get in this position. On her hands, and one knee. But see that other pesky foot? Yea, it's still in front of her, not back behind.
She can lean and wiggle and scoot a little to get around the room. Easiest on the hardwood to scoot.
One of her favorite things to do in the living room? Scoot over to the rug and pull tiny cat hairs off of it and then eat them. Gag! Silly girl!

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  1. Oh my. That top photo! Frame it! Make it huge.

    I love the way you love your children. We must must must meet up soon. Maybe I'll just pull Mary out of school one day? But Gabe is in your fan club too. How about going to the Festival of Trees together?


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