Thursday, December 13, 2012

Two milestones!

Things are changing! Two amazing milestones were met from this baby girl in the last two weeks.

Wait for it...

She is now sleeping through the night! Going to bed at seven and waking up at 6:30, but happily playing in her crib until 7:00 am! She's been doing it since she turned ten months old, but I didn't post about it then, feeling like it was a fluke.

But now it's been two weeks and this baby girl is awesome! No more middle of the night nursing sessions! Yea!

This picture? She is thrilled with herself for removing her sock, which she does constantly.
And?! She got her very first ponytail this week!


She only wore it for a short time because I was worried the hair band was pulling her little delicate head, but it sure looked adorable! (I also love James's toes in this shot.)
Those rosy cheeks? LOVE. She just had woken up from a nap and still flushed in the face. She looks like a baby doll, doesn't she?
Both darling outfits (and about 1/3 of my children's wardrobes) are gifts from lovely friends.


  1. Way to go Juliet!!

    She's such a darling in her little ponytail. :)

  2. Connie2:37 PM

    You do realize this little lovely is going to have to beat the boys off when she gets bigger. She is a beauty!

  3. Go Juliet! I can't help but have flashbacks of when Sam started sleeping through the night when I saw your instagram. He slept 7-7 at 4 months and I'm thanking my lucky stars, everyday for that and know how lucky we were! I love, love her cheeks in that picture!


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