Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas! {Christmas Eve!}

Oh my! What a totally and utterly fantastic and exhausting day it has been, only in the best way possible of course. Today was Juliet's first Christmas! But before I type up today's post, I want to share yesterday's.

Christmas Eve has always been one of my very favorite parts of Christmas. The excitement of the day to come, my Grandma's huge Christmas Eve party, and getting new PJs as an early Christmas gift. Since my Grandma's stroke Christmas Eve has still been special but this year was extra special because we were back at my Grandma's house to celebrate.

Except it isn't my Grandma's house anymore. My sister Melissa has moved in and made her own. It is wonderful. Warm and welcoming and filled with a lifetime of memories.

Yes, my twenty three year old sister hosted the Christmas Eve Party for 15 people. Alone. It was amazing. She's a rockstar.

Hostess herself. She's amazing.
All day on Christmas Eve it snowed and snowed making for beautiful fresh powder and a white Christmas. And this face? With the tilted head and silly smile? It is the face he gives me when I ask him to look at the camera and smile. I adore it. He is mine, and I love that nobody else, ever, can claim to be his Mama. Only me.
Checking the snow depth. Cute kiddo.
Baby girl wore an outfit that looked almost exactly like the one I wore for my first Christmas. When I was looking through my albums a few months ago I finally decided what Juliet would wear for her first Christmas Eve.
Cocktail hour is everyone's favorite part of the party.
It was a bittersweet, I'm sure, for my Grandma to be in the house that was once hers. But truly, it was oh so special.
Everyone is so happy to be together in this room that holds so many memories.
Again with the tilted head and silly smile. I love him so.
And, just like tradition dictates, we opened one special present the night of Christmas Eve. Both kiddos got new PJs.

And then, late at night, before the clock struck midnight, Santa paid a visit. More Christmas blogging to come! (And a comparison picture of me and Juliet dressed the same for our first Christmases!)

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