Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas at The Grand America

The Grand America, the grandest of all Utah hotels. It is amazing. Twenty four stories of Italian marble and totally decked out for the holidays.

There is a lot of public space in the hotel, huge ballrooms, an impressive lobby, and dozens of walkways crowed with chandeliers. James was most impressed with the "huge fallfall" (fountain) in their garden. He watched it quite intently.
Red socks poking out from under his "gay pants" (gray).
Around every bend there was Christmas trees, beautiful displays, and these pretty glittery town scenes. I love these, and maybe will make a few in years to come.
Hundreds of chandeliers. Big, small, all amazingly beautiful.
Soon we wondered out to the garden. James "needed" to see the fallfall.

"Mama, do you see this?!"
Sweet kiddo.
It was as glorious as he thought.
Back inside we found a life-sized real gingerbread house. Life-sized. Never have I seen anything as impressive.
Are the hard candy windows not unreal?
James wasn't much into posing in front of the dozen of trees. I think this is all I got after numerous tries.

Near the end of our loop we stumbled upon Jou Jou, Grand American's extremely impressive toy store. The entire store was interactive. The robot would light up at just the right time, monsters peering from windows would make the children laugh, and hot air balloons circled on the ceiling. Both Mama and boy were mesmerized.
And, oh my, the candy display!
Candies in every color. A stage that lit up when you stepped up to pick out your candy choice. James was in heaven, and we didn't even buy anything.
I think walking around the Grand America (and maybe Breakfast with Santa) will become an annual tradition.


  1. Anonymous6:18 PM

    Dang I should have come!!! Looks amazing!

    Auntie Melissa

  2. Connie8:23 PM

    I love Grand America! It is gorgeous, but still not as amazing as my perfect grandson!(I like the tree picture with him bending down; it doesn't look posed.)

  3. It looks amazing! Is Jou Jou new? I was there last year and didn't see it. It looks so fun! Just think, in a few years you can take your children to tea at Grand America.

  4. I love that hotel too! Ben and I spent our honeymoon there in the most amazing suite on the top floor... someday we will go again!

  5. Oh good gracious! Isn't that absolutely epic! Looks amazing, and I love hte picture of James by the fountain outside.


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