Friday, December 30, 2011

Winter Header

Today I was inspired to take new header photos. However, Utah is seriously lacking in the snow department. Last year's winter header was glorious, James and I in the park with our sled and feet and feet of fresh show. This year we've hardly got any, and nothing has stuck around. In fact, today was so mild, none of us wore coats. Weird weird weird.

For my header I changed some of these into black and white, trying to give it a more winter feel, but I'll leave them color for this post. We really did have a nice time walking around in the park. Mild temperatures and no coats? I'm not about to complain.

Somebody else was quite happy about being out as well.
Oh his eyes. And his out of control nap hair. I love this little boy, every fiber of his being.
E brought his camera as well. He told James to look at him and say "cheese". Glad I was on the sidelines.
Rockin' my baby bump and lifting 30 lbs over my head. Yep, I'm super Mama.

Cedar trees are so pretty. I love that something so simple can make me so happy.
And speaking of simple things making you happy. Look what happened to be at the park. A mixer!
Waving as it goes by.
Oh wow! That was awesome!
Dada and son.
Hope you like the new header.


  1. these are such sweet pictures... that little boy is such a sweetheart - and you look great! 30 weeks has nothin' on you! :)

  2. The new header is super cute! Happy New Year!


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